Web 3.0 – The base of the New Web

Ilie Slujitoru
November 29, 2021
Web 3.0 – The base of the New Web

Web 3.0 – The base of the New Web

Web 3.0 is the next step of web evolution, which will make the internet more intelligent and will process information with near-human intelligence through the power of AI systems which can run intelligent programs to help the users. It is mostly built on three new layers of technological innovation: edge computing, decentralised data networks and artificial intelligence.

In this version of the web, developers don’t build and don’t usually implement apps running on a single server or stock data in a single database (usually hosted and gestioned by only one cloud provider).

In exchange, Web 3.0 apps either run on blockchain, decentralized networks of many nodes (servers) peer-to-peer or a combination of both which form a crypto economic protocol. These apps are often named dapps (decentralised apps).

There are many benefits of this new web, such as the fact that it brings back the human aspect, offering confidentiality and security for the users, making corporations more powerful then ever. The vision of Web 3.0 changed in the last 7-8 years. Initially it was simple, but once with the introduction of blockchain and bitcoin, the vision and approach completely changed. Now, the latest web version concentrates more on the decentralized features that blockchain has to offer.

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