The roadmap of SourceLess achievements

Embark on SourceLess's transformative journey as we reflect on milestones since inception. Our roadmap chronicles achievements, innovations, and strides towards redefining the digital landscape.

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2020 - Q4
  • SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain - architecture
2021 - Q2
  • SourceLess / STR - fuel token - on BSC+DEX listing
  • Str.domain - pre-registration+Airdrop (15 june - 15 july)
2021 - Q3
  • Str.domain - web / SourceLess Blockchain+MVP
2021 - Q4
  • SourceLess Blockchain - Team + Advisors public meet-up
  • SourceLess/STR BEP20-Token Pre-Sale (20 dec - 19 jan)
  • - personal (pre-registration)
  • - business (pre-registration)
  • Auction - categories / brands / premium / demands opened
  • Affiliates+Partners - contracting
2022 - Q1
  • Sourceless Blockchain Alpha Testing (internal)
  • Pre-sale Sourceless STR - closing - main event and public results
  • Live auction - categories + premium + brands ( progress)
  • - DEX + migration CCOS/STR ( progress)
  • Ccoin - Branded Visa card pre-registration ( progress)
  • Browser Testing (Sourceless - alpha version tests) ( progress)
  • Announcing CEX listing (7 major CEX platforms)
2022 - Q2
  • CCOS (Ccoin Network ERC20) and STR (Sourceless BEP20) migration to Native Blockchain cryptocurrencies ( progress)
  • Sourceless Blockchain Main Net Launch event
  • Partners and Affiliates Tokenization ( progress)
  • - IoT - testing ( progress)
  • (car - IoT - - live map)
  • DEX Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) ( progress)
2023 - Q1
  • Sourceless whitepaper update to v2.0
  • Sourceless Digital Human Rights articles
    The Digital Human Rights are a set of fundamental rights and freedoms that apply to individuals in the online environment. These rights aim to ensure that individuals are able to freely express themselves, participate in the digital world, and enjoy the same rights and protections as they would in the physical world. The digital human rights encompass a wide range of issues, including privacy, freedom of expression, the protection of personal data, and access to technology. These rights are critical in ensuring that the digital world remains an open, inclusive, and equitable space for all individuals.
  • Sourceless in partnership with
    Synergic Smart Solutions is going to radically reshape the way how all partners participating in the Supply Chain industry will manage to close deals. By integrating Web3 into the freight transportation industry SSSolutions in partnership with Sourceless aim to provide the most secure transactions on the market, a unique control and the real-time visibility over own supply chain ops through a level 4 Control Tower, integrating RPA bots to take the human supervision to minimum and using AI/ML analytics to take the optimization of all supply chain processes to a level that has never been reached before.
  • Opening of Sourceless branch in Spain
  • Opening of Sourceless branch in Germany
  • Business Workshops at Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT).
  • Event – Sourceless participated in the Crypto Expo Europe event, the largest Crypto & Blockchain Conference in Eastern Europe.
2023 - Q2
  • Event – NFT Cluj, Romania
  • Event – Cryptocurrency World Expo Istanbul, Turkey
    Crypto World Expo will explore the opportunities and challenges associated with Crypto Currency. The event is an initiative in creating an interactive platform for the leading technologists, entrepreneurs, regulators, investors, academics, and financial institutions in the emerging Crypto Currency industry.
  • Event – Web3 Berlin, Germany
    The conference will feature various speakers, panels, and workshops that will explore the latest developments in web3 technology.
  • Roadmap update
  • Meetups with several investment platforms and financial institutions.
  • Sourceless presence at the European ITF Taekwondo Championships 2023 (Sponsor and Partner)
    Sourceless supports sports and education. We are honored to be with these top athletes and the whole world in this grand event.
  • Official Partnership between Sourceless Labs Foundation and IOHR (International Organization of Human Rights) (TBA)
    This important step will bring us closer to creating a much safer and more moral Web for everyone, without exception.
  • Submitting a request to the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) for the adoption of Sourceless Digital Human Rights articles in the digital environment.
    This first version of the document, containing the Digital Human Rights, has been read and approved by the President of the International Organization for Human Rights (IOHR/OIDO Romania), Solomon Avasilcai, to serve as a cornerstone for a more equitable and just digital society.
  • Technological Partnership with Ivolution HQ & TELEKOM Sa Romania – installation of Sourceless nodes on TELEKOM devices.
  • Strategic marketing partnership with Ivolution HQ
    Marketing budget increased to 1M EUR
  • Partnership with Crypto Expo Milan
    Crypto Expo Milan is one of the most influential Italian conferences dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse and Web 3.0.
  • Platform launch of our partners from GasonKanson (+artists) GasonKanson is a project that will enable artists to maximize benefits of their work and projects by utilizing blockchain technology.
    This technology provides new opportunities for artists to monetize their music. GasonKanson will provide a new generation of on-demand music streaming services that are powered by SourceLess Blockchain, as well as new opportunities for artists to create and provide various types of digital art content to their fan base.
  • Partnership with Emblematic Romania (NGO) – promoting worldwide the Romanian values
  • Team refresh and updates
    The Sourceless team is in continuous development, the foundations of a new and innovative technology being the core of the team. Team work will always be the basis of a prosperous future.
  • Sourceless rebranding ( remake)
    Focused on a new fresh look and an extraordinary visual engine, specially designed for SourceLess users and supporters.
  • Sourceless Crypto Wallet
    Sourceless Crypto Wallet will be one of the safest and accessible solutions on the market, allowing you to send and receive cryptocurrencies like STR and others in the easiest and trusted way. Sourceless Crypto Wallet will allow you to buy and sell crypto or exchange it for fiat currency and transfer it to your designated bank account. If you just want to invest in STR or another digital currency it’s all you need. The Sourceless APP will securely manage the rights to your private keys.
    Discover, Collect, and Sell NFTs with True Benefits.
    + Utility & Zero Fees
    Whether you’re an artist, musician, gamer, a seasoned collector or simply someone who values digital ownership, full transparency and social impact, will offer you the safest, most accessible, most supportive way to create and trade wNFTs (web Non-Fungible Token).
  • Live auction – categories + premium + brands
    (…in progress) Domains purchased in period X – Y can be resold via the wNFT platform ( live auction is in progress and features a range of premium domain categories and brands. These domains originally purchased between period X and Y and can then be resold through the wNFT platform.
  • LISTINGS (Tier 1 CEX)
  • Staking + Vesting program 2.0
  • Event – Sourceless at ICT Spring 2023
    (Global Tech Convention) – business innovationICT Spring is a centerpiece of Luxembourg’s event calendar and one of the top European tech conferences inspiring delegates across a variety of important topics.
  • Partnership with RomLux (Romania-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce)
    Romania Luxemburg Business Forum Asbl. (“ROMLUX”), is a Luxembourg based nonprofit organization aimed to support the development of the economic relationships between actors from Romania and Luxembourg.
  • SLNN Mesh Internet (beta testing)
    Mesh Internet and hybrid blockchain technology meet the new needs of the internet – Sourceless Ledger Network Nodes. One of the most innovative aspects of SLNN Mesh Internet is its ability to create a decentralized internet that is less vulnerable to censorship and surveillance. By using a distributed network of nodes rather than a central hub, it becomes much more difficult for a single entity to censor or monitor internet activity. This can help to protect user privacy and security, ensuring a free and open internet.SLNN Mesh Internet is a promising technology that has the potential to transform the way we access and use the internet. Whether it’s improving internet access in underserved areas or creating a more resilient and private alternative to the WWW, Mesh Internet and blockchain hybrid technologies has the potential to improve the lives of individuals and communities around the world.
  • Full e-Money White Label license/cards Mastercard
  • Ccoin branded Mastercard cards pre-registration (…in progress)
  • Browser TestingSourceless – alpha version tests) (…in progress)
  • – DEX + migration CCOS/STR
    (…in progress) CCOS (Ccoin Network ERC20) and STR (Sourceless BEP20) migration and swap to Native Blockchain cryptocurrencies.
  • HEX (Hybrid Exchange)
    A hybrid crypto exchange is a platform that provides users with access to their private keys and aims to solve the scalability issues of decentralised exchanges. One of the primary goals of HEXs was also to address the DEXs high trading fees.
  • Sourceless Blockchain Main Net Launch event
  • Sourceless Launchpad
    SourceLess Platform is a LaunchPad by Definition, easy to use, where you can create your own “ecosystem” trough SourceLess Blockchain.
  • Blockchain as a service for Medical and Rehabilitation Clinic (Soma Center)
  • Blockchain as a service for governments (Tunisia)
  • Matrix Asphalt solutions – blockchain as a service and tokenization
  • Berzasca City Hall – NFT collection and entertainment access.
2023 - Q3
  • Smart contracts – implementation (TBA)
  • Creating Sourceless Metaverse Space (MEGAVERSE)
  • Sourceless Metaverse
    Creating a virtual stadium/environment in the metaverse for international top artists. (work in progress)
  • Preparing for the tokenization of a football club
  • Preparing for the tokenization of a top speed rally pilot. (work in progress)
  • Partnership with Chaise Alliance (focus on blockchain skills for Europe)
  • SourceLess Summer Tech 2023 - 2nd Edition (Private Event)
2023 - Q4
  • Multi-blockchain interoperability (major blockchains) (TBA)
  • Event – Sourceless at Crypto Expo Milan (TBA)
  • Blockchain as a service and tokenization for Scoala de Arme Basarabi din România (Basarabi Weapons School) (TBA)
  • GPT integration on Sourceless platform (TBA)
    in progress...
    - Codex
    - Davinci
    - ChatGPT
  • STR.Auto – IoT – testing – car IoT live map
    in progress...
    - Tests done on 2 different car producers.
    - A future update – the connection between
  • Partners and Affiliates Tokenization (…in progress)
  • Str.Talk communication platform/app (…in progress)
  • Migration of partners with STR and CCOS (TBA)
  • Sourceless Inc. ISIN Number and Stock Market Listing (TBA)

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