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In a few words…… a bunch of tech enthusiasts with an unstoppable passion for freedom, blockchain and human connection.

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At SourceLess, we are at the forefront of revolutionizing the blockchain technology industry with groundbreaking solutions that drive global adoption and development. Our team of experts, led by visionary founders, is committed to revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals interact with blockchain technology. With SourceLess, we introduce a paradigm shift in utility that can transform industries and enhance our collective well-being, all while maintaining a commitment to carbon neutrality. Our advanced blockchain technology sets us apart, offering unparalleled features and benefits that empower users and businesses in unprecedented ways. Our SourceLess represents a new breed of blockchain networks, where the source code remains private. Unlike traditional open-source blockchains, our closed-source approach ensures the utmost security and exclusivity. The SourceLess platform serves as a comprehensive solution, providing developers with a suite of tools and services to effortlessly build and deploy SourceLess networks tailored to their specific needs, without getting caught up in intricate technical complexities. We prioritize security and privacy, incorporating features like encryption and data obfuscation to safeguard the integrity of the blockchain network and protect against tampering.

Our Mision

At SourceLess, we are on a mission to create the new web, reshape the blockchain industry, increase global adoption and connect and empower all humans with rights, opportunities and freedom in the digital space. For this we have built the SourceLess Native Web3.0 Ecosystem with the essential tools and resources to make it a reality, in collaboration with our esteemed partners and community. One of the key advantages of SourceLess networks is the elevated level of security and privacy they offer. With the absence of publicly accessible source code, the risk of hacking and exploitation diminishes significantly. Additionally, SourceLess networks can be tailored to adhere to specific security requirements and compliance standards, ensuring utmost protection.

SourceLess Ecosystem - A Smarter Web for the New Era

[Software Patent No.US63/294,483 License Granted: 05 January 2022] SourceLess is a revolutionary technology that uses Distributed Ledger, Peer-to-Peer connections and STR. domain as the account identifier, to bridge the gap between people and the latest blockchain technology and create under the SourceLess platform a more intelligent and interconnected web – the first World Wide Blockchain. This marks the next stage in the web’s evolution – a smarter internet, with the ability to process information with near-human efficiency through artificial intelligence systems capable of running advanced programs and help users in new, extraordinary ways.

The ecosystem on which SourceLess is based makes impossible the execution of any malware or computer viruses; based on blockchain characteristics proof, SourceLess establishes a digital identity that protects against any bad intentions on the Internet. White labeled by KYC and AML, respecting the MiCA Regulation at the same time, the digital identity fully protects against identity theft.

Our approach - SourceLess Web Services and Addressing

Our vision for the SourceLess involves redefining the web. We propose the use of domain-type names not just as web identifiers, but also as personal or business spaces within the blockchain. This application, whether for personal space ownership or within the SourceLess DLT database, offers huge advantages. Peace of Mind in the Digital World - A New Frontier in Data Protection With SourceLess, you can assign usage rights, backed by the certification provided by a unique address. This process, coupled with the encryption deployed at every data entry point, plays a double role in ensuring robust data protection and enabling remote verification or certification in real time.

The in-built security of the Blockchain, from safeguarding data to preventing counterfeiting and identity theft, is further enhanced through KYC and AML regulations. This means that even street names are subject to these rules, leading to a full proof cybersecurity solution. In contrast to previous versions of the web, where user generated data was stored and used by large corporations, Web 3.0 enables end users to control their own data. This is achieved through the use of encryption techniques, which ensure that data transferred over the network remains secure and private. Users will be able to decide what information they want to share with corporations or advertising platforms.

Our Values, Principles, and Beliefs

At SourceLess, we are driven by a set of core values, principles, and beliefs that guide our mission and shape our actions. We firmly believe in the power of Web3 technology to redefine human interactions and empower individuals beyond the control of any omnipotent central authority. These are the core values that support and energize our work:

1. Freedom of Speech and Expression We believe in the fundamental right of every individual to freely express their thoughts and opinions. We advocate for an open and inclusive digital space where we all benefit and thrive from the diversity of perspectives towards the wellbeing and progress of all people.

2. Individual Responsibility With freedom comes responsibility is not just a fancy saying but a truth which we uphold. We believe in holding individuals accountable for their actions, character, and achievements. We reject discriminatory ideologies based on arbitrary group identities and embrace a meritocratic approach that treats each person as an individual. We empower communities where cyberbullying and other harmful online activities are forever dismissed!

3. Digital Rights, Privacy and Ownership We are committed to protecting and upholding digital rights and individual privacy, promoting ownership and control over personal data. We believe that individuals should have full control over their online identities and information, and the right to determine how their data is collected, used, and shared in the digital realm, free from totalitarian authority, unwarranted surveillance or data exploitation. We advocate for the recognition and protection of digital human rights, ensuring that individuals enjoy the same rights and freedoms online as they do offline.

4. Equality of Rights and Opportunities We strive for a society where everyone is treated equally, with dignity and respect and has access to the same opportunities, regardless of their race, gender, background, location or other immutable characteristics. We reject the notion of equality of outcome and champion equality of rights and fair treatment.

5. Environmental Sustainability We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and promoting sustainable practices. Our hybrid blockchain technology ensures energy efficiency and reduces carbon footprint, aligning with our vision of responsible technologicalinnovation.

6. Resistance Against Censorship We stand against censorship, suppression, distortion and manipulation of information. Our decentralized blockchain ecosystem provides a censorship resistant technology that preserves freedom of expression and resists attempts to restrict or control the flow of information.

7. Human Progress and Education We are dedicated to advancing human progress through knowledge and education. We support initiatives that foster intellectual growth and general wellbeing, promote access to education, and empower individuals and communities to thrive in the new digital era.

8. Transparent and Decentralized Governance We believe in the power of decentralization to foster transparency, accountability, and inclusive decision-making. We encourage community engagement and foster consensus-driven development, guaranteeing that our platform evolves in the utmost benefit of its users.

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