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Welcome to SourceLess, we are the architects of the new web, reshaping the industry through hybrid blockchain technology, empowering individuals and businesses alike to thrive in a digital space where freedom, human rights, privacy and connectivity prevail.

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The First World Wide Blockchain

The World Wide Blockchain (WWB) that we are creating is an information system where documents and other web resources are incorruptible through end-to-end encryption, identified by a SourceLess Domain (domain, such as STR.example) and are accessible on the internet using the SourceLess platform.

Web 3.0 resources are transferred via Distributed Ledger and Peer-to-Peer technology and can be accessed by users through a software application, called the SourceLess Platform. The World Wide Blockchain is not equivalent to the Internet which preceded the Web in one form or another more than two decades ago and is based on associated technologies.

Our Technology - A Smarter Web for the New Era

[Software Patent No.US63/294,483 Licence Granted: 05 January 2022]

SourceLess is a revolutionary technology that uses Distributed Ledger, Peer-to-Peer connections and STR.domain as the account identifier, to bridge the gap between people and the latest blockchain technology and create under the SourceLess platform a more intelligent and interconnected web – the first World Wide Blockchain.

This marks the next stage in the web’s evolution – a smarter internet, with the ability to process information with near-human efficiency through artificial intelligence systems capable of running advanced programs and help users in new, extraordinary ways.

The ecosystem on which SourceLess is based makes impossible the execution of any malware or computer viruses; based on blockchain characteristics proof, SourceLess establishes a digital identity that protects against any bad intentions on the Internet.

White labeled by KYC and AML, respecting the MiCA Regulation at the same time, the digital identity fully protects against identity theft.

Our approach - SourceLess Web Services and Addressing

Our vision for the SourceLess involves redefining the web. We propose the use of domain-type names not just as web identifiers, but also as personal or business spaces within the blockchain. This application, whether for personal space ownership or within the SourceLess DLT database, offers huge advantages.

Peace of Mind in the Digital World - A New Frontier in Data Protection

With SourceLess, you can assign usage rights, backed by the certification provided by a unique address. This process, coupled with the encryption deployed at every data entry point, plays a double role in ensuring robust data protection and enabling remote verification or certification in real time.

The in-built security of the Blockchain, from safeguarding data to preventing counterfeiting and identity theft, is further enhanced through KYC and AML regulations. This means that even street names are subject to these rules, leading to a full proof cybersecurity solution.

In contrast to previous versions of the web, where user generated data was stored and used by large corporations, Web 3.0 enables end users to control their own data. This is achieved through the use of encryption techniques, which ensure that data transferred over the network remains secure and private. Users will be able to decide what information they want to share with corporations or advertising platforms.

SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain
Hybrid Blockchain
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Decentralised Asset Management
  • Economic and Social Structures
  • Identity and Persona Management
  • Governance and Law
  • Products and Services

SourceLess Hybrid Blockchain

This type of blockchain allows a combination of public and private blockchains and supports many customization options. These include allowing anyone to join the authorized network after properly verifying their identity and assigning selected and designated permissions to perform only certain network activities.

SourceLess is built to give special permissions to each participant. This allows participants to perform specific functions, such as reading, accessing, and writing information on the blockchain.

Companies are increasingly opting for authorized hybrid blockchain networks, as this allows them to selectively place restrictions during network setup and control the activities of different participants in the desired roles.

  • proof of property rights and transfers
  • self-performing contracts
  • social benefits management
  • document validation
  • patent protection
  • security and fees

The Best of Both Worlds: Public + Private = Maximized Security

Our hybrid network provides all the essential features and key strengths of a public Blockchain – security, transparency, immutability, and decentralization.

Because the network’s accessibility is exclusive, it ensures that confidential information remains within the network, enhancing its overall security. By leveraging the best of both worlds, SourceLess provides the ultimate online security.

SourceLess Platform

SourceLess Platform is a Web3 platform, a software based on SourceLess network. SourceLess Platform is a LaunchPad by Definition – easy to use (you can create your own “ecosystem” through SourceLess).

By using SourceLess Platform you have the possibility to integrate programs, applications and all kinds of data (used as public or private) under protection of SourceLess.

SourceLess Platform will give free access for users to AI software.

Using the SourceLess platform, you will navigate in a 100% safe, fast and easy way.

By fully integrating companies into the platform, SourceLess solves all current cyber security problems, covering the entire area, such as:

  • Application Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Data Security
  • Identity Access Management
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Network Security Equipment
  • Other Information Security Software
  • Security Services
  • Consumer Security Software


(more details in the case study area of the whitepaper) (wNFT)

Web Non-Fungible Token (wNFT)

wNFT is a Non-Fungible Token property in the SourceLess ecosystem, for any domain address that has the properties of an NFT, but alongside a web address. The private part of the SourceLess provides restricted participation that is controlled via the wNFT Blockchain within a node, but provides full community access to all members. It also integrates many other technologies to help everyone who owns an STR.domain to access them.

wNFT is a lifetime ownership of an STR.domain

STR.domain is a unique digital identity to log into the SourceLess platform. Each STR.domain owner will need to complete KYC and AML verification before obtaining full functionality of their domain. Based on KYC & AML protocols, all identities will be clear and certified, which means the system is 100% WHITE LABEL.

SourceLess is a member of the CHAISE Alliance, which focuses on blockchain skills for Europe.