Unveiling The SourceLess Universe – Blockchain for Better!

Daniel Drăgoescu
September 16, 2023
Unveiling The SourceLess Universe – Blockchain for Better!

Technology. Together. To Future

Dear SourceLess community and blockchain backers,

First of all, a heartfelt thank you for all the enthusiasm and support you’ve shown us in the messages we’ve received following our latest announcement and update. We’re picking up from where we left off, further revealing what’s under the hood and what makes SourceLess your trusted ally in the ever-growing digital space.

While our Mainnet has been quietly active since December 2022, we’ve been busy fine-tuning every aspect of it to provide you with the best possible experience. Now it’s time to pull back the curtain on what we’ve accomplished and what’s still to come. Please fasten your seatbelts; this will be a wild ride!

Let’s start with a closer look at the various components that power the extremely vast SourceLess Ecosystem:

Modular Codebase: At the core of our ecosystem lies a modular codebase, carefully designed to ensure flexibility and scalability. Classes and functionalities are neatly organized into different modules, simplifying maintenance and updates.

Data Persistence: We prioritize data integrity. Our ledger and blockchain state are meticulously stored on disk to guarantee the security and accessibility of all transactions and interactions with the blockchain.

Transaction Validation: The system performs checks for double-spending and rigorously validates transaction formats to maintain the highest standards of integrity.

Consensus Mechanism: Trust is further strengthened by a basic voting mechanism for validators, promoting a decentralized and reliable network.

Proof of Existence: We’ve integrated a robust Merkle Tree for transaction validation, adding an extra layer of security and reliability.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs: An innovative zk13 library ensures users get transaction privacy and validation without the risk of exposing sensitive transaction details. We strive towards a worry-free digital environment.

Networking: In the spirit of decentralization, the ecosystem includes fundamental networking capabilities, enabling nodes to communicate seamlessly and uphold the blockchain’s integrity.

API Interface: We believe in accessibility. And for that we have the RESTful API to provide an easy and efficient means of interacting with the blockchain. Basically, a new world of possibilities for both developers and users.

Database: By leveraging SQLite for ledger persistence, we get a digital environment where data is not only secure but also readily accessible when needed.

System Architecture and High-Level Design

SourceLess takes pride in its meticulously built system architecture, designed to be robust, scalable, and secure.

SourceLess Nodes: Our ecosystem thrives thanks to dedicated validators who propose and verify blocks, ensuring the blockchain’s integrity.

Public Ledger: Your transactions are recorded in the public ledger, creating an unforgeable history of events.

Distributed P2P Network: We’ve embraced decentralization by operating on a decentralized network of nodes. This enhances resilience and ensures the blockchain’s reliability.

Cryptography: Security is paramount. We utilize SHA-512 for hashing and asymmetric cryptography for signatures, safeguarding your data.

Rate-Limiting: To thwart potential DoS attacks, we’ve implemented rate-limiting mechanisms to ensure the blockchain operates smoothly.

Monitoring and Alerts: Real-time metrics and alerts, powered by Prometheus and Grafana to keep you informed and secure.

Dockerization: Each module is containerized, simplifying deployment and scaling while enhancing system stability.

Multi-Signature Transactions: For high-value transactions, we’ve introduced multi-signature requirements, adding an extra layer of security.

Data Sharding: an innovative data sharding approach that enhances scalability by breaking data into smaller, manageable chunks across multiple servers.

Microservices Architecture: Embracing microservices ensures that each major component operates as a separate, optimized entity within the ecosystem.

zk13 with zk-SNARKs: To maintain transaction privacy and validation while preserving transaction details, we’ve harnessed zk-SNARKs technology.

Batch Processing: For efficiency, SourceLess blockchain validates and adds multiple transactions to a block in a single batch, reducing latency.

GHOST — Local Device Cache and Beyond

GHOST — Local Device Cache represents a significant advancement in blockchain technology. This innovation empowers nodes to locally cache transactions and blocks, streamlining the validation and propagation process. Instead of relying on a complete data download, nodes utilize cached data for faster validation. Here’s a glimpse of what GHOST brings to the table:

Data Retrieval: Upon the release of a new block, nodes efficiently retrieve only the block header for initial validation from their local cache. If it proves valid, the complete block is fetched for thorough validation.

Cache Maintenance: To ensure data freshness, an automatic aging mechanism invalidates older cache entries, guaranteeing data reliability.

Cache Synchronization: Regular cache synchronization keeps local caches in alignment with the global state, enhancing the blockchain’s integrity.

What’s Testing and Coming Next:

STR Domains platform, AI Integration, SourceLess Browser, Mesh and Phone

Far more than individual products or services, what we’re developing is a holistic digital ecosystem. Once it’s fully live with all its aspects, layers and functionalities, it’s bound to redefine how you engage with the digital world, providing a different digital experience that spans communication, interaction, and online utility.

Putting the technology aside for a second, SourceLess is about creating a space from the ground up where individuals and businesses can prosper securely and efficiently. We chose this approach, interconnecting all these components, despite the obvious challenges such a vision and pursuit entail, because we believe that each of these elements is essential to the creation of what we refer to as the “World Wide Blockchain” — The Next Web. This is central to our mission: Connecting Every Human and Every Existing Blockchain.

STR Domains: at our platform people can already experience the connected worlds of utility NFTs and Web 3 domains and meet the potential of our flagship product — STR Domains.

Now we’re super stoked to tell you that the STR Domains is preparing to launch soon as a standalone platform. With stringent KYC and AML protocols behind the hood, STR Domains will simply redefine Digital Identity. They grant you lifetime ownership and serve as verified badges of personal and business brands in the decentralized web.

Don’t miss the official release live!

Browser Integration: A web perfectly integrating with the blockchain…Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, another dream made true. The SourceLess browser aims to enhance user experiences in Web 3 and unify the digital and decentralized worlds.

AI Integration: In our previous post and update, we discussed ARES, our proprietary design language meticulously written from the ground up by SourceLess founder, Alexandru Stratulat. We also unveiled a comprehensive catalog of ARESLANG functions. (put link here). In Alex’s own words, “ARES is an advanced AI model applied to all the other AI.”

SourceLess AI integration is a beautiful addition to the blockchain landscape and is meant to make navigating and using the SourceLess ecosystem an extremely rewarding experience.

SourceLess Phone: Future at Your Fingertips

Designed with a sleek, minimalist aesthetic and a focus on user intuitiveness, the SourceLess Phone aims for a truly transformative user experience.

This is a device that seamlessly integrates all aspects of your digital life into one intuitive interface; a device that understands You and your digital needs. Not just a phone; your personal digital assistant that also acts as an instant physical gateway to the expansive SourceLess digital universe.

Access Everything, Effortlessly

The SourceLess phone is about managing your life as easy as possible. It gives you instant access to:

· Digital Wallet: Manage your cryptocurrencies and digital assets securely, with quick access for transactions and portfolio tracking.

· Decentralized Web: Explore the decentralized web with ease, accessing a world of content and applications built on blockchain technology.

· AI Functionalities: Harness the power of artificial intelligence with integrated AI features that enhance your daily tasks and interactions.

· IoT Device Management: Control and monitor your Internet of Things (IoT) devices from a single hub, streamlining your connected life.

· Digital Asset Oversight: Keep a watchful eye on your digital assets, investments, and holdings, all in one place for ultimate financial clarity.

· STR Domains and wNFTs: Effortlessly manage your SourceLess STR domains and digital collectibles (wNFTs), with intuitive controls and easy transactions.

The Future in Your Pocket

The SourceLess Phone is the physical embodiment of our commitment to redefine how we interact with technology. Whether you’re a blockchain and AI enthusiast, or someone seeking a more integrated digital life, this phone is going to be an ideal companion — enhanced connection and convenience.

SourceLess SLNN Mesh — Revolutionizing Connectivity

Digital connectivity is the lifeblood of the modern world, nobody can deny it. Our take on that is the creation of the SourceLess SLNN Mesh: a bold solution that ensures connectivity even in remote areas or during network disruptions. It allows devices to form a decentralized network with direct communication and without control from a central authority.

The SourceLess SLNN Mesh is a mesh networking protocol meticulously engineered for speed, reliability, and security. Designed to be versatile, it is the ultimate response to the ever-growing demands of the digital age.

Unparalleled Speed and Efficiency: What sets the SLNN Mesh apart is its ability to achieve ultra-low latency, making it ideal for applications that require real-time data transmission. Whether it’s autonomous vehicles, IoT ecosystems, or augmented reality experiences, the SLNN Mesh ensures that data travels at the speed of light, quite literally.

Robust and Resilient: One of the key features of the SLNN Mesh is its self-healing capability. Traditional networks can be vulnerable to single points of failure, leading to downtime and disruptions. However, the SourceLess SLNN Mesh is designed to adapt and reconfigure itself dynamically, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Security at Its Core: In an age where data breaches and cyber threats loom large, security is paramount. That’s why we built the SLNN Mesh with state-of-the-art encryption and authentication mechanisms. It’s a fortress against unauthorized access, ensuring your data remains safe and confidential.

The Future Is Meshed: the implications of the SourceLess SLNN Mesh extend far beyond the digital realm. This technology holds the potential to drive innovations in smart cities, healthcare, logistics, and countless other sectors. It’s not just about connecting devices; it’s about better connecting the digital and the physical life.

Big FinTech Breakthrough…

One of the standout features of SourceLess is its transformative approach to transaction processing. While traditional systems measure throughput in transactions per second (TPS), SourceLess takes a huge leap forward by focusing on transactions per millisecond (TPmS) — all without the need for auxiliary scaling solutions. This architectural innovation enables the platform to manage an extraordinary volume of transactions, positioning it as the go-to solution for high-traffic applications and decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms.

Furthermore, SourceLess supports the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). Its robust infrastructure provides developers with extremely powerful tools for scalability and the resources needed to build digital solutions required in these times. The ecosystem is compatible with various DeFi platforms and non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces, enabling a wide range of use cases within the blockchain landscape.

SourceLess in a Nutshell

Ultimately, SourceLess Means Solution to Your Digital Problems. A passionate blockchain technology team dedicated to making your life easier, empowering individuals and businesses with Security, Lifetime Ownership, Digital Identity, Finance Management, Communication and AI Integration. Your truly scalable, personalized, cost-effective Web 3 ecosystem.

Join the SourceLess Community

SourceLess has come a long way since its official launch in 2021, and thanks to its amazing community, it is now delivering on its mission, providing reliable tools and solutions for developers, entrepreneurs and web users alike.

If you’re as stoked about the future of blockchain technology as we are, don’t miss out on becoming a part of the SourceLess community. As a member, you’ll always stay updated with the latest blockchain advancements, engage with fellow enthusiasts, receive exclusive perks, rewards and invitations to events and be among the first to witness groundbreaking developments.

Technology. Together. To Future