Why should we care about A.R.E.S. ?

Ilie Slujitoru
December 21, 2023
Why should we care about A.R.E.S. ?

We use a programming language system called A.R.E.S. to hold together our largest projects.

A.R.E.S. is the newest member of our team, he is really smart and fun to work with, he will teach you great things and guide you through the process of discovering the unlimited benefits of SourceLess.

Besides his adorable looks, A.R.E.S. is also our unique programming language system that holds together our biggest project, SourceLess. Because everything started using A.R.E.S. (Automatic Resilience Execution Software), we thought about turning it into our main character who will bring to life the things that stand behind him!

How did A.R.E.S come to life?

A.R.E.S. “was born” when Alexandru Stratulat decided to create our own programming language which includes over 900 functions that will make the job easier for all the users.

For example, if you have the bare minimum coding knowledge, you can easily open up the browser and start creating a website, or do some video editing or even graphic design, only with the help of the patented web3 technology.

So basically, A.R.E.S. is the leading point to create complex systems that have a long list of useful functions that generate simple and effective solutions to the problems that any tech enthusiast or entrepreneur wants to solve.

The most important thing you should know about SourceLess is that it comes as a hybrid Blockchain system, both public and private, that allows the user to reveal only the information or data that he wants to share.

The protection of personal information, but also the browsing security, are the things that Web3 makes possible, the user being able to create his own virtual space without fearing that his private information may be corrupted.

A.R.E.S. and Web 3

A.R.E.S. as a programming language will allow the integration of AI from FORMWELT, from OPEN AI, and from ELI (software built by GitHUB), all in one browser, thogether creating a “cognitive” Web 3, which will allow SOURCELESS to sufficiently abstract the technology in such a way as to enable an increased user experience.

This means that every user will benefit from a perfectly secure, fair and transparent Web3. Now, things like building up your own Blockchain or having access to a private messaging service, without intermediaries will become truly possible for those who will use our technology. The practical applications of the platform’s utilities in the business area thus become unlimited.

Another user benefit derives from the new personalized digital address system implemented by Sourceless, called STR.DOMAIN, which allows each user that decides to buy such a personal address, to have a lifetime access to its own domain. This means that you, the user, will have access to a virtual address inside the platform, which cannot be subject to any control of any third party, meaning either another user, private companies or public institutions.

Don’t worry, because everything we create was designed to be user friendly. We aim to create an environment where there are no restrictions regarding the implementation of the business ideas that users have, but at the same time ensuring a safe virtual space, where personal information is protected and only what you want to share with others will become visible.