SourceLess (STR) User Rewards Program

Iulian Bondari
July 4, 2021
SourceLess (STR) User Rewards Program

Want to get more STR tokens?

We have just launched our User Rewards Program


STR for REGISTRATIONS: you receive 10 STR for becoming a member.
DAILY LOGIN: you receive 1 STR for each day you login on
REFERRING SIGN UPS (affiliate link): you receive 5 STR for each member registered on through the affiliate link of your account.
*Share the referral link on all social platforms so that you will have the best chances to win as many STR tokens as possible.

Referral Link and Tokens Display

– The amount of STR rewards tokens are displayed in the Profile panel of each Account.
– You can find your referral link in the same place.
Login – go to your Account – select My str tokens

*To withdraw STR tokens from the site, you need to buy at least 1000 STR tokens, so we know that you care and that you support our project.
*You can withdraw STR tokens only after collecting at least 1000 STR.
*Tokens will be distributed between 15-18 of each month.
*The affiliate link is automatically created based on the account name (username / user).

Thank you for your support and interest in our project!