Sourceless is a hybrid Blockchain (public and private)

Daniel Drăgoescu
December 14, 2021
Sourceless is a hybrid Blockchain (public and private)

SourceLess Blockchain, a private and public blockchain

SourceLess Blockchain is a combination of private and public blockchains that gives organizations better control over what they want to achieve.

This new revolutionary blockchain not only enhances data security, but also improves overall performance at the same time. Because the infrastructure allows each transaction’s integration into the blockchain to be flexible, it increases transaction speed.

Additionally, because the infrastructure will give clients more control over their transactions than ever before, it’s impossible for anyone to manipulate data or hack the system. And because of all these features, SourceLess Blockchain will revolutionize how business is done around the world.

SourceLess Blockchain is the latest platform to provide an optimum solution for enhancing trust, transparency and privacy for both public & private organizations. It’s users can also create their own strategies & structures that are unique to their organization’s current operations. This allows companies to implement new methods of operation, plus mitigate digital terrorism, legal pressures and other vulnerabilities associated with today’s decentralized platforms.

SourceLess Blockchain offers users the best of both worlds – the capability of the public blockchain model, with the security of the private blockchain model (possessing greater control over transactions). In addition, it safeguards both individuals and companies from hacking threat.

For more info, please read our whitepaper.