Sourceless Blockchain participates in Larnaca Conferences Online 2021

Daniel Drăgoescu
November 5, 2021
Sourceless Blockchain participates in Larnaca Conferences Online 2021

Sourceless Blockchain participates in Larnaca Conferences Online

Event powered by Formwelt , the code of the future.

Larnaca Conferences , established in 2018, focus on THE prevailing topics of our age. They function as a social sculpture. The goal is not necessarily to find more answers, we have enough of that. What we need is active, intelligently directed interaction between people of different backgrounds, education, worldviews. What we need is human superintelligence.

How it works

On each Saturday and Sunday afternoon throughout November, we take up a central theme in a panel on which people from around the world share ideas, raise new questions not previously considered, and form working groups to address them. Over the years, we build a social sculpture that unites experts from a wide range of disciplines into one superintelligence.

Each panel of the Larnaca Conferences Online has the same schedule:

– after purchasing a ticket, you will receive the link to the key note, which all participants will watch asynchronously beforehand

– in the first hour of the panel, 4-5 experts will give a statement on the key note, each from their own perspective.

– after that the groups Audience and Backstage will separate as follows:

Audience continues the dialogue in the chat, accompanied by an online expert and a chat moderator. Backstage ticket holders can spend two one-hour facilitated breakout sessions at and with a panelist of choice, continuing discussion and networking. In both cases, the goal is to uncover blind spots and raise new questions. Essences from chat and breakouts will be posted on Carl Auer in the aftermath.

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