Sourceless Blockchain Board at Larnaca Conferences 2021 – The reality of tomorrow’s AI & Robotics

Ilie Slujitorul
November 10, 2021
Sourceless Blockchain Board at Larnaca Conferences 2021 – The reality of tomorrow’s AI & Robotics

Sourceless Blockchain’s Board at Larnaca Conferences

Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021

The reality of tomorrow’s AI & Robotics

Sourceles Blockchain’s Board will be present at Larnaca Conferences, where various topics on AI & Robotics will be discussed. Differentiating self-serving and illusive dreams from factual models and actual possibilities.

The 2 participants from Sourceless Blockchain are:

Keynote: Bart de Witte, Hippo-Ai Foundation Berlin, he is a leading and renowned expert on digital transformation in healthcare in Europe, but also one of the most progressive thought leaders in his field.

Interviewer: Gitta Peyn, systems researcher and cyberneticist, co-developer of FORMWELT and WELTFORM, founder of the FORMWELTen Institute for Renewing Systems Research and the Larnaca Conferences. ‍

Panel: Iulian Bondari, Gitta Peyn, Alexandru Stratulat, Bart de Witte

Moderators: Martin Geisenhainer (eLearning and social collaboration in agencies and software houses.), Rebekka Manos (expert in facilitating transformation and cultivating an atmosphere that nourishes growth and personal development).

Chat Moderator: Patrick Kappeler (organizational consultant and narrative architect on the DNA of companies and facilitates transformation and decision-making processes).

Online Forum Expert: Cadell Last (a general thinker interested in questions about human existence and evolution. He is author of ‘Global Brain Singularity’ and ‘Sex, Masculinity, God’).

Session Facilitation: Daniel Dick (his scientific home is system science, social and cultural anthropology and consciousness research, his spiritual home is a pantheistic pragmatism with a focus on Vajrayana Buddhism and the aesthetics are part of enjoying beauty in nature, culture and between beings), Robert Fuhrmann (a pleasantly curious conversational partner who creates spaces for change through his questions, understanding complexity, in communication and the use of words, in structuring large quantities of information and he’s empathetic towards people).

Larnaca conferences, established in 2018, focus on THE prevailing topics of our age. They function as a social sculpture. The goal is not necessarily to find more answers, we have enough of that. What we need is active, intelligently directed interaction between people of different backgrounds, education, worldviews. What we need is human superintelligence.

More details about the conferences:

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