Incoming: Biggest Airdrop on Binance Smart Chain

Ilie Slujitorul
June 14, 2021
Incoming: Biggest Airdrop on Binance Smart Chain

SourceLess Blockchain Airdrop

Starting: 15 June 2021

Ending: 15 July 2021

SourceLess Airdrop is Worth up 1 000 000 000 STR tokens. Don’t miss it!

To be eligible for this event and to receive rewards, you need to:

  • register on
  • the first 100 000 participants that purchased at least 1000 SourceLess (STR token) will be rewarded.
  • also CCOS buyers (pre-ico buyers will have the right to automated participation) they still need to register.
  • STR.Domain owner only rewards (register for str.domain).
  • rewards will be paid out within 5 business days after the event has ended.
  • all rewards will be distributed in SourceLess STR token (BSC).

Complete the Step-by-Step Guide for ”SourceLess Airdrop” – CLICK HERE

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