How it works : SourceLess Web²

Daniel Dragoescu
July 15, 2021
How it works : SourceLess Web²

How it works : SourceLess Web²

We all know about the old www, but it has been the same since 1989. It works the same way, except that intermediaries have appeared, who bring a little more but not in the real structure of the World Wide Web.

SourceLess offers a new web, based on the technology of a Blockchain and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology).

At the moment, for example, the web uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP, we connect from one computer to another via an IP. In the new web that we will create, IPs will not exist. The communication channel will be the domain address and torrent-similar paths . Everything is instant, without the need for an IP or DNS, without interference, without the limit of IPs depending on the country (location).

We eliminate all intermediaries, all third parties we have at the moment. We will no longer have viruses, malware, SSL certifications, redirects, plugins, etc. We will communicate through the SourceLess platform, directly and strictly between str.domain addresses, all encrypted by Blockchain and DLT technology.

We will create a safe environment for everyone, a better web for all, SourceLess Web²​.

SourceLess TestNet: