Healthcare using SourceLess Platform

Daniel Drăgoescu
November 20, 2021
Healthcare using SourceLess Platform

Healthcare using SourceLess Platform

The use of Sourceless Blockchain through Sourceless Platform allows medical companies to introduce innovative business models, improve services, optimize various operations, reduce costs, have total data security through encryption and have total control of the network.

Sourceless Platform allows complete control over all the computers of a medical company, so the company will streamline and keep its network intact through Sourceless Blockchain.

Sourceless Platform allows a medical company to use all current software programs, being able to choose the PUBLIC or PRIVATE version depending on the documents.

Sourceless Platform gives the possibility of a connection (instantaneous) between different entities of the medical field MINISTRY-COMPANY-HOSPITAL-DOCTOR-PATIENT. This avoids unnecessary bureaucracy by streamlining the activities of all those involved. For example, it will become impossible to falsify patients histories.

Medical research can benefit from AI software (artificial intelligence) integrated in the Sourceless Platform, opening new horizons. Creating new patterns and methodologies through AI, Sourceless Platform will allow everyone who has permission (private blockchain) to use, collaborate and put into practice.

Sourceless Platform will allow the direct connection of the DOCTOR with the PHARMACEUTICAL SYSTEM (HEALTH INSURANCE HOUSE – PHARMACY) eliminating any fraud system (digital signature), eliminating any system blockage, preserving the lifetime of patient data and thus eliminating human error. Sourceless Platform allows you, through AI software (artificial intelligence), to develop treatment schemes, to be tracked and updated according to the medication available on the market.

Taking into account the billions of data on the health of billions of people in the digital environment, how quickly artificial intelligence is processed and how quickly the data is associated, it will directly reflect on treatment practices.

Pharmaceutical companies around the world can use Sourceless Blockchain to create digital certificates for each product. This can help consumers, but also distributors to verify and track through Sourceless Platform, the origin of a product, regardless of the reason for the request.