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Alexandru Stratulat

Founder & CEO
As a SourceLess Blockchain and Ccoin Network Architect, he is not only an early adopter and enthusiast but also a distinguished expert in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology. With his leadership, we pave the way for cutting-edge innovation and transformative solutions in the world of technology. Join us in celebrating the driving force behind SourceLess, Alexandru Stratulat, and our shared journey towards a brighter future.

Iulian Bondari

Co-Founder & CTO
Creativity and innovation meet to make a difference. Iulian is an accomplished entrepreneur and visionary. With expertise in advertising production, vector graphics, and web design, Iulian’s creative talents know no bounds. He holds a degree in Marketing and is a licensed expert in virtual stores. As the General Secretary and Commissioner at IOHR and a Regional Coordinator for The Venus Project, Iulian is dedicated to shaping a brighter future.

Alexandru Nichita

Chief Operating Officer
Alexandru oversees the company’s daily operations and drives innovation and strategy. He leverages his extensive expertise in blockchain technology and business development to streamline processes and ensure the organization’s continual growth and delivery of cutting-edge blockchain solutions.

Cristian Teișan

Chief Communication Officer
With over 14 years of experience in leadership, coaching and relationship business, he created and led teams in over 7 countries. As a coach, he brings challenging perspectives and a deep understanding of human behavior to help unlock the full potential of the communication business.

Antonio Gherasim

Project Development Manager
With a decade of experience in the shipping industry, including three years as a Captain, Antonio Gherasim has honed his leadership, communication, and problem-solving abilities to an exceptional level. He is also an innovative thinker, having developed a product that has helped to reduce incidents onboard ships.

Andrei Stratulat

A visionary in cryptocurrency applied technology. With his vast expertise in IoT, he specializes in hardware applications, incident reports, capacity management, monitoring systems, and infrastructure planning. Andrei is at the forefront of innovation, driving advancements that shape the future of technology.

Marilena Niculae

CEO Advisor
Dynamic entrepreneur with a focus on cryptocurrency and applied financial solutions within the blockchain realm. Marilena is a driving force in Fintech development, pioneering innovative solutions that redefine the financial landscape.

Manuela Mușat

COO Advisor
Manuela Musat is a versatile COO Advisor with a strong background in Tourism Economics and Management, Law and Economics, and Applied Social Psychology. Her diverse experience includes entrepreneurship and management in the Horeca and beauty industries.

Ilie Slujitoru

Web Developer
Ilie is our skilled web developer, adept content manager, and proficient cryptocurrency news editor. Ilie’s expertise extends to blockchain-related solutions, which play a pivotal role in driving digital business development. His passion for cutting-edge technology is evident in his dedication to delivering top-tier solutions.

Adrian Manea

Project Manager
Strong leadership skills, a proven track record in project management, and expertise in developing cutting-edge blockchain solutions.

Daniel Dima

Program Manager
Has over 20 years of sales experience, including 10 years in the financial sector. Excels in negotiation, organization, and analysis and has worked in various roles, including team management and financial analysis.

Alexandru Gugoașă

Business Analyst
Entrepreneur, founder of Survival Concept, Crypto & blockchain technology entousiast, Familiar with databases and programming languages, Cyber security evangelist

Andrei Oroș

Business Developer
With over a decade’s worth of experience in FinTech and Capital Markets, Andrei has developed several significant projects at an international level. As an avid sales specialist and blockchain enthusiast, he joined our business development team in 2022.

Daniel Drăgoescu

Content Creator
Versatile artist working with various media and mediums. Highly proficient in content creation and copywriting. Creativity coach. He’s all about daring visions, emerging technologies and empowering human potential.

Alin Dobrescu

Business Developer
Avid technology enthusiast with over 10 years of experience in fintech and capital markets, Alin has an impressive track record of successful investments in a variety of sectors, including crypto, stock market, and commodities and a talent for designing funnels, and establishing procedures to ensure smooth operations.

Emil Dan

Business & Tech Advisor
Emerging technologies evangelist focused on digitalization, automation, and business transformation, with over 18+ years of IT Ops and Supply Chain experience.

Cosmin Borandă

Video Editor
The maestro of graphic video editing with an illustrious 15-years journey in the industry. With a blend of artistic finesse and technical wizardry, Cosmin has mastered the art of transforming ideas into mesmerizing visual experiences.

Claudiu Curelea

Graphic Designer
Unleashing creativity for over a decade, I am a seasoned graphic designer who crafts visual wonders that leave a lasting impression. With a masterful blend of imagination and technical finesse. I weave pixels and colors into a symphony of visual brilliance

Cosmin Gheară

US Regional Coordinator
Telco and technology professional, operations and business management oriented, blockchain and new technology enthusiast.

Victor Dima

Business Advisor
The man who connects the dots, Business Advisory, Investor

Claudiu Simulescu

Business Analyst
With more than 25 years of experience in the financial industry, he was involved in managing several of investment funds and brokerage houses . As part of the Ernst & Young team, he worked on a Know How Fund Project on the development and the implementation of the Rules & the Procedures at the opening of the Bucharest Stock Exchange . Sales professional skilled in negotiation, business planning, venture capital, asset management, and securities.

Andreas Köppe

Project Development Manager
Vast portfolio in business development including e-mail marketing, social media marketing, and project management; With a rich experience spanning 30 years in international trade fairs, Andreas excels in establishing key account relationships globally.

Carsten Szekeres

Head of Sales
35 years of experience in sales and building distribution networks throughout Europe. Working in the blockchain industry for 6 years, specializing in the tokenization of commodities.

Dilek Wentz

Project Development Assistant
With a profound interest in both marketing and business development and being also a blockchain enthusiast, Dilek focuses on effective marketing strategies. She leverages her understanding of our products and services in achieving the best possible customer experience.

Christine Zeitler

Namibia Regional Coordinator
Christine has over 20 years of experience as a TV director in the media industry. As a mentor and business developer, she trains executives all over the world. Her passion is the tokenization of the real economy and the use of the blockchain as an ecosystem. Excellent Education and smart communication are her top priorities.

Ionel Dan Blănculescu

Economics Specialist
With more than 25 years in the banking industry, governmental environment and business consulting, probably one of the best lobbyists worldwide.

Bogdan Mateescu

Web Developer
With a passion for designing visually appealing and functional websites, it is evident in every project I undertake. With a strong foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I bring websites to life by seamlessly blending modern design trends with intuitive navigation.

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Sonja & Henning Mercker

In the pursuit of making the world a better place for all, where the new replaces the old, of which web 3 and blockchain technologies will play a big role in creating a healthy environment for all to prosper.

Sibylle Gradtke

Microsoft Trainer and highly inspired Web3/Blockchain/FinTech Entrepreneur.

Stephan Gradtke

Senior Sales Director and Co-owner and passionate Web3/Blockchain and Crypto-Assets Entrepreneur.

Antje Kesselmann

Antje Kesselmann, entrepreneur, owner of the online shop and passionate blockchain and crypto assets

Christiane Henke

Chartered Accountant
Passionate about lifelong learning and making this world a better place by small actions every day.

Axel Dainat

Axel Dainat Architects is excited and ambitious to use and integrate the most innovative solutions of web3 and blockchain technology in the field of the latest constructions and planning.