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Sourceless participated at Coinfest, ASIA’S TOP INSIGHT & NETWORKING FESTIVAL in Indonesia


Sourceless on 25 – 26 August, through its partner in Indonesia, participated in ASIA’S TOP INSIGHT & NETWORKING FESTIVAL in Bali.

Coinfest Asia 2022 is the first and largest Crypto festival in Asia focusing on the crypto ecosystem in Indonesia and Asia.

“This year we are bringing a more fun concept, we believe the crypto world needs this work this year, which will facilitate the participants to have a more relaxed attitude and deeper understanding. We intend to make this routine every year and getting better.” – Felita Setiawan, organizer of Coinfest Asia.

Among the internationally sound names were the following speakers: Sagar Desai (Boinbase), Rahul Advani (Ripple), Gwendolyn Regina (BNB chain), Karl Mohan (, Peter DeMeo (IBM), Tamar Menteshashvili (Solana).

The speeches took place around the space: CRYPTO – BLOCKCHAIN – WEB 3 – METAVERSE – NFT

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and is a market still in its infancy in crypto asset trading.

Many believe Indonesia will become the new “crypto giant” in Southeast Asia.  This belief is supported by a number of data:

  • Indonesia has developed regulations on crypto assets through CoFTRA;
  • The number of investors in crypto assets is up to 15.1 million as of June 2022 to date and has surpassed the number of stock market investors, which has reached 9.45 million;
  • Transactions in crypto assets reached IDR 859 trillion in 2021, up from IDR 232 trillion in 2020.

Indonesian blockchain technology is expected to penetrate new industries in the near future.  A variety of new business models and innovations are being tested by players in the Web3 industry at the moment to complement existing technologies.

At the time of the event, our partner contacted and promoted Sourceless among the investors and companies present. The feedback received was positive about the technology and innovation we bring.

Definitely, we will focus our attention on Indonesia, a developing country where technology complements every existing industry.

Sourceless Blockchain is the next step in the Web evolution making the Internet smarter and have the ability to process information with near human efficiency through Artificial Intelligence systems capable of running smart software to help its users develop their own online universe.

Education, Technology, and Innovation are at the heart of Sourceless!