Str.Domains: Your Gateway to Autonomy, Ownership and a Secured Identity

Daniel Drăgoescu
April 21, 2023
Str.Domains: Your Gateway to Autonomy, Ownership and a Secured Identity

Str.Domains: Your Gateway to Autonomy, Ownership and a Secured Identity

Technology should be an extension of the human will. It should empower us to accomplish things beyond our natural limits, allow us to communicate ideas and feelings, and liberate us from the chains of physical limitations and emotional constraints. (Ray Kurzweil)

New Era in Decentralized Technologies and Personal Freedom

The internet has changed our world in countless ways and brought about a level of communication, interaction, research and entertainment that few could have even dared imagine not so long ago. But the internet has also introduced us to a whole new breed of challenges and risks. Basically, like Gerstner said, “nothing will ever be the same again”.

We are now faced with a digital landscape that is constantly evolving, and it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve. So, then again, when faced with new problems, human creativity is pushed into finding new solutions.

Such a solution to our online problems came in the form of decentralized technologies like blockchain where individuals can own their digital identities and interact with each other in a more secure and sustainable way.

Lifetime Ownership of Your Domain with All the Benefits

The emergence of a new hybrid, blockchain ecosystem powered by the Sourceless platform is paving the way for a new kind of internet, owned and controlled not by corporations and other entities but by individuals like you and me. One feature that stands out in this ecosystem is str. domains, which offers lifetime ownership of your domain with all the benefits. With, you can own a domain, host, and pay a one-time fee (no more than the cost of dining out once) to be a part of your own intelligent ecosystem. Through this domain, you will have instant access not only to the best technology to receive crypto but to other amazing features that will change for good the way you interact online.

What Sets Str.Domains Apart from Other Blockchain Solutions?

Blockchain technology is spreading at a madly rapid pace with platforms and services popping out like racoon heads in a trash can. But unlike raccoons, not all platforms and services are worth getting excited about. Choice and clarity in such an environment can be overwhelming, we know. So, we want to make it easier for you what best serves your needs. Here’s in a nutshell what makes Str.Domains blow all the racoons out there out of the water and why we think you are going to love it.

With, you:

  • have

lifetime ownership – unlike traditional domains that require regular renewal fees and are subject to price fluctuations, are yours forever. That’s right, you can say goodbye to the renting model!

  • can create a

stable online presence that is not dependent on external factors, making it an excellent investment for individuals and businesses alike.

  • are able to

tokenize your business thus, reduce fees and increase turnover, making it a valuable tool for entrepreneurs.

  • can

create your own website or applications with a simple voice or written command.

  • have

zero cost on each transaction, regardless of currency, ensuring that your ecosystem is sustainable and affordable.

  • have access to tools that can bring you

scalability and make your work easier (especially if you’re a technology professional); with access to a crypto protocol address (blockchain address) and an email ID associated with your address/domain, you can easily manage your online presence and communicate with others in the ecosystem.

Secure Digital Identity – The Mega Feature of Str.Domains

What good are any benefits and features if you can’t secure them? How can you focus on thriving and developing your digital identity when your very identity is in danger? Now you can! provides maximized security for digital identity something which has become absolutely crucial now, in a world where data breaches and identity theft are becoming so common. With, you can create a smart contract that provides a secure digital identity and gives you complete control over how your data is used.

In addition to providing a secure digital identity, also offer a communication ID in our P2P Chat, allowing you to connect with other individuals and businesses in the ecosystem. And with your own “cloud” (CloudLess, thanks to DLT tech), you can store your data securely and access it from anywhere in the world.

At Sourceless we believe that technology should enable more freedom and make things easier and safer for everybody and not overwhelm or even enslave. The focus of everything we create and develop is the individual, the user, not the product or the campaign.

We are committed to delivering secure and sustainable solutions that help you prosper in a sourceless world. We also understand that our community has been eagerly anticipating the launch of our new platform, and we want to assure you that we are working hard to make it happen as soon as possible. Even during the recent Easter holidays, our team has been busy making progress to bring you the best possible user experience on the Sourceless platform.

The future is at your fingertips – join the community today and become truly fearless in a sourceless world!