Str.Domains – the access to the New Web

Alin Dobrescu
December 22, 2021
Str.Domains – the access to the New Web

Str.Domains – the access to the New Web is the name of the new web which will be more decentralized, secure & stable than any of today’s existing solutions (IPFS, Swarm etc.). takes the power back from centralized authorities, like ICANN and pass it on to developers and end users. It provides the easiest way to distribute files in a decentralized manner, eliminating any kind of trace of failure concerns associated with similar solutions, as well as a clear path for future upgrades and full transparency on the application deployment status. For token holders it provides the channel to support technological development in addition to earning paid out rewards: brand new coins every quarter, through PoS minting.

Our purpose is to democratize the internet by putting its power into the hands of individuals, rather than corporations. makes it easier for people to control their identity and private data while also enabling organizations to access constant availability to their projects or business units in both an open and privacy preserving manner, while still being secured from external attacks by leveraging a federated blockchain infrastructure.

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