Sourceless Supports Education and Sports – Taekwondo Romania

Emil Dan
August 6, 2022
Sourceless Supports Education and Sports – Taekwondo Romania

Dear Sourceless community!

We desire to become a movement at an international scale, through which to assist the sporting events which can bring wellness, education and growth in all areas of life.

Between August 23rd-28th, 2022, the Salamandra sports club from Constanta, together with the Romanian Taekwondo Federation, organized the summer bootcamp, which will take place at the seaside, in the Mamaia resort (Romania).

A healthy mind develops in a healthy body and a healthy business develops in a safe environment. Discover the benefits of Sourceless Blockchain, sponsor and supporter of the event, and come alongside us to discover the benefits of a safer and more secure internet, without any viruses / malware of any nature. An internet in which you have the freedom to decide what is allowed and what is not. A champion gets to the top through perseverance, passion and a burning desire. Like our project, Sourceless, you need all these ingredients in order to succeed in everything you desire.

Sourceless is a revolutionary technology, it is the next step in the evolution of the Web in order to make the internet a lot smarter and will have the capacity to process information with an almost human efficiency, utilizing artificial intelligence systems capable of running complex programs in order to help its users.

The purpose of education in the Sourceless project is to pass on knowledge or to promote aptitudes or character traits. These goals can include the development of understanding, reasoning, benevolence and honesty. Using all these fundamental bases, we can access and use the current technologies in order to innovate and reveal other technological miracles which will bring benefits to all humanity.

Within the event, we will have the honor of meeting champions who, through their dedication, succeeded in showing the power of example, both national and international. The technical committee is formed from master Alexandru Mureşan (black belt 7 dan), Marius Ionicescu (5 dan) and Alin Lăzurcă (5 dan).

The contribution and the purpose of each and every one of us, is to develop and grow the human potential in all its areas, so that together we will build a prosperous future for each one of us, with no exceptions.

We need sport in order to maintain a healthy body, we need art in order to develop creativity for innovation, and we need education in order to expand our knowledge and succeed in working together.

…. continue to move forward.

Sourceless – Education, Technology and Innovation