Sourceless started a strategic partnership with Empire VC

Ilie Slujitoru
August 22, 2022
Sourceless started a strategic partnership with Empire VC

Partnership Announcement

The strategic partnership between Sourceless and Empire VC will bring benefits on both sides, It will bring exposure to new investors and thus we will grow together!

We are delighted to have this partnership with Empire VC, a partnership through which we aim to have much greater visibility of what we are currently doing.

Sourceless and Empire VC, in addition to the investments that take place, aim to provide education through which people can grow and develop, either in the business or technological area.

Both companies aim to bring simple information through which people can familiarize themselves with blockchain and crypto technology.

Only through education can people have clarity and understanding about where things are going and what is worth investing in, and this is something that has brought us very close.

We had the pleasure of having them with us at the private event in Constanța, where we were able to connect more.

About Empire VC

The Empire VC team consists of dedicated people who have extensive experience in the crypto world and a great understanding of blockchain technology.

They give their members the opportunity to participate in private sales of early-stage projects, providing access to solid companies with potential.

The team wants all members to have the opportunity to invest equally in quality projects and reach their financial goals.

Empire VC is a cryptocurrency-based venture capital, and its main goal is to invest in new and promising projects.

The main focus is on projects that bring innovation such as: Web3.0, Wnft, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse and others that create business models and contribute to the evolution of industries.

Empire also provides an online learning and training platform for members who are new to the blockchain and crypto world.

If you want to join EMPIRE please use the invite link from below:

Sourceless – Education, Technology & Innovation

We are building an open web for anyone, accessible from anywhere, allowing you to build your own ecosystem in a fast, easy and secure way. Every user will be integrated into all blockchain networks with zero fees.

Together, in a more secure environment.