SourceLess – Remapping the Web

Ilie Slujitoru
August 1, 2022
SourceLess – Remapping the Web

SourceLess – Remapping the Web

SourceLess is a revolutionary technology that uses Distributed Ledger, Peer-to-Peer connections and Str.domain as the account identifier to connect every human and every existing Blockchain, in a Web3 platform, creating the first World Wide Blockchain under SourceLess Platform.

The World Wide Blockchain (WWB) is an information system where documents and other web resources are incorruptible through end-to-end encryption, identified by a SourceLess Domain (domain, such as STR.example) and are accessible on the internet using the SourceLess platform. Web3 resources are transferred via Distributed Ledger and Peer-to-Peer technology and can be accessed by users through a software application, called the SourceLess Platform. The World Wide Blockchain is not equivalent to the Internet, which preceded the Web in one form or another more than two decades ago and is based on associated technologies.

SourceLess Blockchain allows a secure and effective way to place the blockchain domain’s ownership for life on the public register and free it from the control of any human being or central authority. Blockchain software together with Distributed Ledger Technology, and Web 3.0 ecosystem using, are creating a new web platform with protocols different from the www, encrypted and decentralised.

The ecosystem on which SourceLess is based will not allow the execution of any malware or computer virus; based on the blockchain features, the blockchain identity will not allow any malicious attempts on the Internet, and the digital identity will be a White Label product using KYC and AML protection and will not allow identity theft, so the information will be protected by Blockchain, DLT, and Peer-2-Peer network with 256-bit encryption, from Web2 to Web3.

SourceLess Blockchain is the next stage in the web’s evolution to make the Internet smarter, and will have the ability to process information with near-human efficiency through artificial intelligence systems capable of running intelligent programs to help its users.

SourceLess, the power to shape the world!