Sourceless Platform using

Andrei Stratulat
December 24, 2021
Sourceless Platform using

Sourceless Platform using is a registry for contact domains that uses SOURCELESS blockchain technology to secure and enhance the information flow in a way never seen before. Blockchain will help build trust between partners by ensuring the data you are exchanging is tamper proof, correct and up to date. can help establish long lasting relationships between you, your contacts and their contacts too. With the support of SourceLess Blockchain Registry it’s becoming impossible to alter data or hack the system.

SOURCELESS PLATFORM is a new type of web 3, more secure and stable than the existing solutions. It puts control back in the hands of the owner, where it belongs. The platform is customizable on any level with flexibility in mind. Technology has the ability to help us achieve our goals and SourceLess Blockchain enhances this experience. With blockchain, businesses can have full control over their data and can use it in their favor — not against them. SourceLess Blockchain reduces risks for business owners, increases security for users, streamlines, back-end operations and gives every company more freedom on how they want to achieve their goals.

WNFT represent lifetime property of a str.domain within Sourceless Blockchain Ecosystem.

By acquiring a domain, you will have your own part of the blockchain. The str.domain will be your personal identifier in the Sourceless network, and it comes with a technological and complex account/domain, that will be yours forever.

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