SourceLess Blockchain started a partnership with FORMWELT

Alin Dobrescu
March 24, 2022
SourceLess Blockchain started a partnership with FORMWELT

SourceLess Blockchain and Formwelt

SourceLess Blockchain and FORMWELT reached a partnership agreement and together they will lay the foundations of the new Cognitive Web, where the Internet gets much smarter using the power of Artificial Intelligence.

FORMWELT is a coding language for language and meaning, that can be spoken by man and machine. It is a linguistic system based on injunction to acquire definition. Its kernel consists of about 320 references: you might think of them as words with concrete meaning which explain each other without any gaps that could hinder the flow of information and construction of precise sense. The kernel is semantically self-sufficient. It contains the basic concepts which are needed to describe any thinkable or perceivable phenomenon.

The developers of the semantically and formally self-sufficient linguistic system FORMWELT are Gitta and Ralf Peyn. They started to work on FORMWELT back in 1989 and completed the first kernel-version in 1992.

During the course of a discussion about the mathematical/formal foundation of FORMWELT Ralf Peyn first developed uFORM iFORM and second – in order to illustrate and visualize its range of applications – “Systemic Realconstructivism”. Both are published with a preface from Prof. Dr. Dirk Baecker and an – written in layman’s terms – introduction from Gitta Peyn in (as an eBook conceptualized) complete works at the Carl Auer Verlag, Publisher for Systemic Research.

Using the FORMWELT kernel you can say what can be said clearly and do what can be done oriented by a meaningful description.

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This year in June 2022, SourceLess will start an event that will bring the first interactions with the new Web, based on blockchain technology, which will work through the SourceLess Platform. The event is called “SourceLess Dubai Week – Unveiling of the New Web” and as main topics of discussion “Education, Technology & Innovation“.

FORMWELT and other Artificial Intelligence projects will participate in the “SourceLess Dubai Week – Unveiling of the New Web” event, where new partnerships and new ideas are expected to be put into practice to bring real benefits to the new web and beyond.

SourceLess is a revolutionary technology that uses Distributed Ledger, Peer-to-Peer connections and Str.domain as the account identifier, to connect every human and every existing Blockchain, in a Web3 platform, creating the first World Wide Blockchain under Sourceless Platform.

The World Wide Blockchain (WWB) is an information system where documents and other web resources are incorruptible through end-to-end encryption, identified by a SourceLess Domain (domain, such as STR.example) and are accessible on the internet using the SourceLess platform. Web 3.0 resources are transferred via Distributed Ledger and Peer-to-Peer technology and can be accessed by users through a software application, called the SourceLess Platform. The World Wide Blockchain is not equivalent to the Internet, which preceded the Web in one form or another more than two decades ago and is based on associated technologies.

SourceLess Blockchain came to life in 2016 when founder Alexandru Stratulat started writing the first lines of code. Meanwhile, two other co-founders, Iulian Bondari and Bogdan Voinea, joined the project. Together, the three have managed to create a strong team that will develop a new and innovative technology that will lay the foundations for the future of the web.

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FORMWELT, OpenAI and other Artificial Intelligence projects will make the SourceLess Platform usable by absolutely anyone, being able to create anything just by using words. For example, using the FORMWELT language, anyone regardless of nationality and the language they speak, can communicate to OpenAI and create what it is told, for example you can create a complete and complex website in less than an hour.

All these AI systems will be implemented inside the SourceLess Platform, thus everyone can have access to all the facilities of the new web through a single domain (eg: str.domain).

More details about this partnership will be published soon, as well as the announcement of a fixed date for the ” SourceLess Dubai Week – Unveiling of the New Web ” event.

Education, Technology & Innovation