SourceLess Blockchain in partnership with the International Organization of Human Rights

Daniel Drăgoescu
January 3, 2022
SourceLess Blockchain in partnership with the International Organization of Human Rights

SourceLess Blockchain in partnership with the International Organization of Human Rights

SourceLess was built on the idea of creating a human rights-based online community where every individual has the highest level of digital security.

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”, this is Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But as far as we know, the online environment has become a space where most people ignore fundamental human rights.

SourceLess INC, the company behind SourceLess Blockchain, recently signed a partnership with the International Organization for Human Rights (OIDO Romania). OIDO President Solomon Avasilcai said he was delighted with SourceLess approach to current rights issues on the web. In this light, Solomon agreed to be part of this online movement and to create a safer online environment together with SourceLess, an environment based on trust and respect for fundamental human rights.

Iulian Bondari, one of the co-founders of SourceLess Blockchain, is a member of the SourceLess Board of Directors. He currently has a long history in the world of volunteering, cumulating over 15 years of volunteering in various non-profit organizations. Now, Iulian Bondari works as a Human Rights Inspector (OIDO Romania) and Ambassador for IOHR ( He is also a volunteer for The Venus Project, holding the position of Regional Coordinator for TVP Support Romania.

Solomon Avasilcai, President of OIDO, has accepted to become an ambassador for SourceLess Blockchain, in order to unify the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in our daily lives with the online environment, thus applying fundamental human rights in a fair and comprehensive way.

SourceLess Blockchains code is written in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, thereby ensuring the proper moral and ethical functioning of the digital community.

This partnership is the beginning of a new future; a safer future, not only for us, but also for our children and future generations. It is important that we keep the present clean and provide the future with a safe place where we not only respect human rights, but where we do not face such challenges.

SourceLess Platform will allow individuals, institutions, companies etc. to own their own part of the blockchain, creating a true community based on equal rights, democratic votes, anonymity and total security.

We hope that this initiative will reach out to other organizations that understand the importance of all people’s rights, especially when it comes to the online environment, where most of us, especially young people, spend a lot of time and socialize in a way that has never been done before – a different kind of socialization, on a much larger scale.

SourceLess Blockchain and the International Organization of Human Rights – the beginning of Real Digital Rights.

“As we did with electricity last century, we must recognize internet access as a basic right, and we must work to make sure all young people can connect to a web that gives them the power to shape their world” – Tim Berners-Lee