SourceLess and CHAISE Alliance Join Forces to Shape Europe’s Blockchain Workforce

Daniel Drăgoescu
August 2, 2023
SourceLess and CHAISE Alliance Join Forces to Shape Europe’s Blockchain Workforce

The emergence of blockchain technology has ignited a global revolution, transcending industries and transforming economies. In response to this groundbreaking potential, the Blockchain Skills for Europe Alliance (CHAISE), a Sector Skills Alliance funded by the prestigious Erasmus+ program, has embarked on a high mission to address the skill gaps in the European blockchain workforce. This mission perfectly aligns with SourceLess own mission and ongoing commitment to redefine industries, drive innovation, and empower individuals and businesses to participate and thrive in a decentralized and trusted digital future. It is only natural that the two entities came together to combine resources and expertise, forging a powerful venture to reshape the landscape of blockchain skills development in Europe.

At the heart of CHAISE lies a visionary strategy to address skill mismatches and shortages within the blockchain sector. By formulating and delivering a European approach to blockchain skill development, CHAISE is poised to empower the workforce with future-focused training, qualifications, and mobility solutions. The partnership between CHAISE and SourceLess aims to bridge the gap between blockchain education and industry requirements, ensuring that the workforce is equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in the digital economy.

Current Challenges

Blockchain is a key pillar of the EU’s digital transformation strategy, driving societal benefits, fostering business growth, and stimulating sustainable progress. However, the success and competitiveness of the European blockchain sector hinge on a skilled and versatile workforce. While the demand for blockchain expertise continues to soar, employers struggle to find the right professionals, impeding the sector’s full potential. Challenges such as talent shortages, global competition, limited connections between education and the job market, and slow adaptability of formal education to workplace requirements pose significant hurdles.

Revolutionizing Blockchain Skills Development

The CHAISE project, a 4-year initiative funded by the European Commission, aims to address skill mismatches and shortages in the blockchain sector. Its primary objective is to improve skills intelligence, design a vocational education and training (VET) program for blockchain, define occupational requirements, and connect jobseekers and companies. Through this project, CHAISE endeavors to establish a permanent cooperation network to monitor labor market and skill developments.

Empowering Individuals and Businesses

One of the key goals of the CHAISE project is to equip individuals and businesses with the knowledge and expertise necessary to leverage blockchain effectively. By developing a comprehensive curriculum and training program, CHAISE ensures that the European workforce is well-prepared to harness the potential of blockchain technology. The curriculum will be designed to address the specific skills required in the European blockchain job market.

A Pioneering Approach to Blockchain Education

Central to CHAISE’s mission is the development of a cutting-edge, 5-semester Vocational Education and Training (VET) program, tailored to address the skill shortages in the blockchain domain. The program is designed to equip learners with comprehensive blockchain knowledge and practical competencies needed to thrive in this fast-evolving industry. Notably, this curriculum will be available in 11 European languages, making it accessible to a diverse talent pool.

Open Online Course — Empowering Lifelong Learning

In a bid to democratize knowledge and promote continuous learning, CHAISE is consolidating all its developed learning materials into an open online course. This digital repository will be accessible to anyone with an appetite for blockchain education, offering a gateway to upskilling and reskilling in this transformative technology.

Crafting the ‘Blockchain Specialist’ Occupational Profile:

As the industry thrives on standardized competencies, CHAISE is determined to pioneer a first-of-its-kind ‘blockchain specialist’ occupational profile. This profile will align with existing qualification frameworks, ensuring a unified language for describing digital skills and competencies. The creation of this profile aims to bridge the gap between education and industry demands, fostering a seamless integration of blockchain specialists in the workforce.

CHAISE — SourceLess Partnership: Empowering Europe’s Blockchain Workforce

As a pioneering force in the tech world, SourceLess recognizes the transformative potential of blockchain and its impact on various sectors. By joining forces with CHAISE, SourceLess aims to play a pivotal role in shaping a future-ready blockchain workforce that will drive innovation, efficiency, and sustainable growth across Europe.

SourceLess firmly believes that empowering the blockchain workforce is not only about meeting the current demands but also anticipating future needs. By actively participating as a CHAISE Associated Partner, SourceLess is committed to contributing to the development of a strategic approach that ensures a competent and versatile talent pool for the evolving blockchain landscape.

With a mission to deliver military-grade security and affordable cutting-edge solutions, SourceLess envisions a world where blockchain technology enables individuals and businesses to fully own their digital identity and assets. The collaboration with CHAISE further cements SourceLess’s dedication to promoting education, knowledge-sharing, and upskilling in transformative technologies.

Through its proprietary SourceLess Blockchain and A.R.E.S AI, SourceLess is at the forefront of innovation, bringing hyperrealism and interoperability to the SourceLess Metaverse. This visionary approach perfectly meets CHAISE’s objective of delivering future-focused training and qualifications to tackle blockchain skill shortages and advance the European Blockchain sector. Through innovative VET programs, accessible online courses, and the development of a standardized occupational profile, CHAISE is sowing the seeds of an empowered and dynamic European blockchain ecosystem. As the journey unfolds, SourceLess and CHAISE stand united in their vision to propel Europe towards a blockchain-powered future.