Qommodity QAAA powered by SourceLess Blockchain

Andrei Stratulat
March 21, 2022
Qommodity QAAA powered by SourceLess Blockchain

Qommodity QAAA powered by SourceLess Blockchain

Resources and new Technologies

Focussing on creating value through monetizing of natural resources with key assets in Sierra Leone on high-yielding geological concessions.

The technological partnership between Commodity and SourceLess will bring countless benefits for the current and future technologies that will improve everyone’s quality of life.

QAAA is an asset backed Security Token with natural resources that exist in (African) countries. Through the methodology of tokenization of in ground resources we are able to realize the largest transition of wealth in the history of mankind by making these untapped resources suitable for monetization within the monetary system.

Qommodity is the transparent and cutting-edge technology representing of all kind of natural resource assets. These resources reach from precious metals and minerals like Gold, Silver, Copper, Coltan etc. to precious stones like Diamonds or Emeralds, fresh water deposits, agricultural assets and new technologies for green energy production.

SourceLess is a revolutionary technology that uses Distributed Ledger, Peer-to-Peer connections and Str.domain as the account identifier, to connect every human and every existing Blockchain, in a Web3 platform, creating the first World Wide Blockchain under Sourceless Platform.

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