Champions United: SourceLess Celebrates Romanian Victory at the European Championship Taekwon-do ITF

Andrei Stratulat
May 8, 2023
Champions United: SourceLess Celebrates Romanian Victory at the European Championship Taekwon-do ITF

Kicking it to the top: Romanian Team triumphs in the Taekwon-do Championship Again!

Sourceless exults as their champion sidekick

The 2023 European Championship Taekwon-do ITF has come to a close, and what a week it was! Hosted at the BT Arena in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the event brought together over 1000 participants from more than 30 countries for what turned out to be an intense competition.

The six-day event (April 25-30th), was a celebration of martial arts, athleticism, and sportsmanship, with the Romanian Taekwon-do I.T.F Federation doing an excellent job with organizing the tournament.

And the tournament was a blast! We were treated to some truly amazing displays of skills, speed, and strength. The championship showcased the best of Taekwon-do ITF, with a range of events for juniors and seniors. From patterns to sparring, the athletes showed the current remarkable level that this beloved sport has reached.

The Romanian team put on an exceptional performance, they electrified the atmosphere at the BT Arena and in the end their hard work and commitment paid off. It was such a feeling to cheer for them alongside the crowd and then to watch them take home the European Championship title for the second year in a row. Now is such a joy to express our strong admiration and respect for their efforts.

As the official sponsor of the championship, Sourceless was stoked to be a part of such an exciting event, to see so many talented athletes from around the world come together to showcase their sportsmanship and have one of our own, Antonio Gherasim, a multiple national and European Taekwon-do champion, representing us at the event. Throughout the competition Antonio was close to and involved with the Romanian team and had the honor of presenting the medals to the winners at the award ceremony.

Sourceless believes in promoting wellness, education, and growth in all areas of life, and the 2023 European Championship Taekwon-do ITF aligned perfectly with these values. We are proud to have supported such an event and to have played a role in the development of these talented athletes. Our work continues.

We want to congratulate all the participants, coaches, and organizers who made this event a success. It was truly an incredible week, and we are already looking forward to the next European Championship Taekwon-do ITF!

Go Romania! Go Sourceless!