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A Vision for the Future: SourceLess Shares Innovative Solutions at Digital Romania Forum 2023


SourceLess was honored to participate at the fifth edition of Forumul România Digitală on June 20, 2023, as a partner alongside the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalization, the Israeli Embassy in Romania, ANCOM, the Authority for the Digitalization of Romania, and more. Our COO, Alexandru Nichita, represented us brilliantly, highlighting our main assets and presenting concrete solutions for businesses and beyond.

The Forum was everything everyone had hoped for, including us at SourceLess — a successful convergence of thought leaders and innovators in the digital space, and a powerful testament to the collective determination to propel Romania’s digital transformation forward.

Alexandru’s presentation highlighted the unique strengths of SourceLess, presenting tangible solutions for companies and other entities in the digital space. He emphasized that digitalization efforts should start with a robust infrastructure, pointing out the critical role of high-speed networks.

He outlined how our hybrid blockchain and cloudless solution redefine the transaction per second capacity, shifting the focus to transactions per millisecond, a significant development and performance improvement that will revolutionize how we perceive and interact with online transactions.

Further, Alexandru talked about the combination of blockchain with distributed ledger technology within the SourceLess ecosystem, which facilitates extremely fast data transfer and peer-to-peer communication systems. He underscored that all these aspects and the entire ecosystem are designed around the key idea of a unique identifier — a digital identity KYC and AML verified, our STR domains. Each identifier also serves as a validation node in our ecosystem, with an incredibly low informational capacity requirement of only 1MB, enabling unprecedented scalability.

Apart from laying out SourceLess’s concrete solutions, Alexandru drew attention to our recent initiative that has received the support and collaboration of the International Organization of Human Rights. The initiative extends and aligns the scope of existing human rights to encompass the digital space. (link)

In paving the path towards a better digital future for everyone, SourceLess is privileged to align with distinguished technology giants and corporate collaborators including Vodafone, Mastercard, Superbet, CEC Bank, tbi bank, Elian Solutions, Dendrio, Dataware, Fort, Clico, Palo Alto Networks, Regista, Radiocom, Transelectrica,, Exim Bank of Romania, Alpha Bank, and Huawei.